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Check-in will take place in ANTIGRAVITATION RESTAURANT and will start at 10.00.

The organizer will provide competition maps. The starting numbers will be announced on August 11, 2018 before the General Briefing on the ENB and close to the entrance to the briefing room.
The pilot pack will be waiting for the competitors on the tables in the briefing room.


Refueling before event

Dear pilots,

I got information from local pilot about refueling. He wrote me that you can refuel your balloons after the free flight before event on local gas station, which is located near airfield.

The petrol station is open from 6 until 20. Just want to remind you, that this station has no refueling hoses and you need to have your own. Another important thing is that this information isn’t official and if they not refuel your balloon after the flight, me or organisers can’t help you.

Eugenijus (ED)


The official map:
1. In .jpg format
2. In .ozf4 format
3. In .rmap format

At this moment we have only three PZ’s:

PZ    Colour   Area                   Altitude.
PZ1  Red        6395/3975    1500ft AMSL
.                           6133/4156
.                           6281/4366
PZ2   Red       Road A1            700ft AMSL
PZ3   Blue      Comp.  Area   6500ft AMSL

File with PZ tracks, CLA areas and CLP waypoints you will be able to download from here as soon as it’ll be ready.