Anti-doping and alcohol policy

WADA rules concerning anti-doping, including alcohol abuse, will be applied.

Intoxicated crew, including pilots, should be ordered to stop whatever ballooning activity they are currently participating in. The Safety Officer can take whatever action he feels appropriate and should immediately inform the Event Director.

If there is need for independent documentation, medical treatment or if otherwise deemed necessary, police or emergency services will be asked for assistance.

If you are using a drug that is on the WADA list of “ Prohibited Substances and Methods” but is prescribed by a medical doctor, you must have a document from your national sport authority showing that you have an official exemption. In such a case, please report this to the Event Director.

More details about a Therapeutic Use Exemption is here:

The latest WADA list of “Prohibited Substances and Methods” can be downloaded here:

The legal blood alcohol limit for driving in Poland is 0,2 mg/ml.
The legal blood alcohol limit for flying in Poland is 0 mg/ml.