Map for WAG AX competition

The official map will only be available as digital version, to be downloaded here.

No paper map will be available!

Download here the latest version of a standard map: (.map&image for Ozi)
WAGDubaiv2b.rmap (for CompeGPS/TwoNav)

The best map for flying and navigating is Google Earth. Download here a calibrated version with all PZs and other areas defined on it: (.map&image for Ozi)
WAGDubaiGEv2.rmap (for CompeGPS/TwoNav)

The following kml files include:
– a black area that will mainly be used for flying and is sized for printing,
– main PZs and flying areas
– additional PZs that will be updated if needed.
 WAG AX Map Overlay v6_2_zip (UPDATE WITH NEW PZ32)

The official map used for scoring will be defined at the general briefing. A file with the borders of PZs, as used in scoring, will also be published later.

Note: The modifications on version 2 are:
– PZ and area overlay for the Google Earth version
– image optimization on standard map

Another image-optimized version may be published later.