Car and balloon pickup for competitors

Latest update: 02.12.2015

The following process has been organized for all competitors to pick up their cars and balloon equipment:

Starting from Dec 2nd, 2015:

10:00 – 13:00 – Pickup of cars at Palm DZ (RTA Building, not Registration tent!!). Tell them you are a pilot and require van for retrieving the balloon. Select a van. Give them the following documents:

  • a copy!!! (please make copy before coming) of your passport
  • a copy!!! (please make copy before coming) of driving license: all drivers
  • credit card: make sure authorizations are possible on the card

After pickup of car – Drive to the West Gate of the farm (2654/7987), tell them you are coming to pick up your balloon. Drive and collect your equipment from the hangar.

WAG AX HangarFarm

After pickup of balloon – You will be able to refuel your balloon at the times and location as announced on this ENB.

OTHER RECOMMENDATION: Please download the RTA SmartDrive App for your smartphone. It’s a perfect navigation app for Dubai.

SmartDrive on Google Play Store
SmartDrive on Apple App Store