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Check-in will take place in ANTIGRAVITATION RESTAURANT and will start at 10.00.

The organizer will provide competition maps. The starting numbers will be announced on August 11, 2018 before the General Briefing on the ENB and close to the entrance to the briefing room.
The pilot pack will be waiting for the competitors on the tables in the briefing room.


Refueling before event

Dear pilots,

I got information from local pilot about refueling. He wrote me that you can refuel your balloons after the free flight before event on local gas station, which is located near airfield.

The petrol station is open from 6 until 20. Just want to remind you, that this station has no refueling hoses and you need to have your own. Another important thing is that this information isn’t official and if they not refuel your balloon after the flight, me or organisers can’t help you.

Eugenijus (ED)


The official map:
1. In .jpg format
2. In .ozf4 format
3. In .rmap format

At this moment we have only three PZ’s:

PZ    Colour   Area                   Altitude.
PZ1  Red        6395/3975    1500ft AMSL
.                           6133/4156
.                           6281/4366
PZ2   Red       Road A1            700ft AMSL
PZ3   Blue      Comp.  Area   6500ft AMSL

File with PZ tracks, CLA areas and CLP waypoints you will be able to download from here as soon as it’ll be ready.

Anti-doping and alcohol policy

WADA rules concerning anti-doping, including alcohol abuse, will be applied.

Intoxicated crew, including pilots, should be ordered to stop whatever ballooning activity they are currently participating in. The Safety Officer can take whatever action he feels appropriate and should immediately inform the Event Director.

If there is need for independent documentation, medical treatment or if otherwise deemed necessary, police or emergency services will be asked for assistance.

If you are using a drug that is on the WADA list of “ Prohibited Substances and Methods” but is prescribed by a medical doctor, you must have a document from your national sport authority showing that you have an official exemption. In such a case, please report this to the Event Director.

More details about a Therapeutic Use Exemption is here:

The latest WADA list of “Prohibited Substances and Methods” can be downloaded here:

The legal blood alcohol limit for driving in Poland is 0,2 mg/ml.
The legal blood alcohol limit for flying in Poland is 0 mg/ml.

SCHEDULE FOR 4th FAI Juniors Hot Air Balloon World Championships, Wloclawek 2018

ATTENTION: Organizers changed the Prize-Giving ceremony time from 20:00 to 12:00!

September 10 10:00 – 17:00  Check-in for competitors
17:30 – 19:00  Training flight
September 11 06:15 – 09:00  Training flight
09:00 – 13:30  Check-in for competitors
14:00 – 15:30  General briefing
16:00 – 16:30  Opening ceremony
19:00 –                Opening party
September 12 – 15 05:30 – 06:00  Competition flight briefing
06:00 – 09:00  Competition flight
16:00 – 16:30  Competition flight briefing
16:30 – 19:00  Competition flight
September 16 05:30 – 06:00  Competition flight briefing
06:00 – 09:00  Competition flight
12:00 –                Prize-Giving ceremony

Official rules of the 4th FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Please find the official rules here.

ATTN.: Dear pilots, please note that I do not intend to distribute the printed version of the rules in these event. For those who think they need a printed copy, I would like to advise you to print it at home.
Be responsible. Protect the environment and nature!

All related documents you can find here:

    • Sporting Code General Section (Ed. 2018) – download
    • Sportin Code Section 1 (Ed. April 2018) – download
    • CIA Safety Handbook (Ed. 2017) – download
    • CIA Competition Operations Handbook (Ed. 2018) – download